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Brasier Electric Inc | Electrical Upgrades

An electrical wiring upgrade is a big job. But, just like when you need a furnace replaced, there are times when you’ve no choice but to take a big job on! So when it comes to a wiring problem, you can rely on us to fix it for you with a minimum of stress and strain on your part.

What happens when old wiring gives up?

When you get up in the morning, you turn on your bedside lamp to help wake you up. You switch on your coffee maker for a cup (or two) of coffee. You might watch a little bit of early morning TV, too. While you’re at work, your AC keeps your house cool. So from the evidence in front of you every single day, your wiring must be in good shape, otherwise nothing would be working- right? Actually, you might be wrong.

First of all, older electrical panels and wiring systems were designed for the electronics of the day. In other words, they were designed to handle far less power than might flow through them today. Every one of our devices is connected, from our smartphones to our smart TVs, and that can be too much for an older system to handle. And that’s when you get the risk of electrical fires.

How can I tell if I need an upgrade?

There are some obvious warning signs of an ‘out of date’ wiring setup.

  • Are you continually having to scramble around in the dark, searching for the flashlight, and replacing fuses or flipping tripped breaker switches?
  • Do your lights flicker, or go dimmer when you run an appliance?
  • Are your outlets warm, or have they become discolored over time?
  • Last but not least- can you smell burning? That’s probably the worst sign of all!

Any one of these signs can indicate that your wiring is long out of date, and that you’re due an upgrade!

Think of it as investing in your home

A full rewiring is an extensive job. It won’t be done in a day. In fact, you should allow a week for a full rewire of a regular family home. When you think of the cost, too, we aren’t surprised that most people put it off as long as they can. But it’s not a cost, it’s an investment!

If you ever think of selling your home, out of date wiring will put off potential buyers.  It’s only natural. Picture having a choice between moving into a safe home and a home that’s at risk of electrical fires: what would you do? And not only that, but having safe modern wiring will help you to save money month by month on your insurance premiums. Where we’re from, that’s always a good thing! So what are you waiting for? You can get in touch with us through a single call or email.