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Brasier Electric Inc | Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my service call becomes a “big deal?”

Most service calls are fairly easy to resolve. A service call usually involves

  • some troubleshooting…
  • maybe opening up a few things…..
  • some resetting or replacing components……and boom!! All fixed 🙂

For the average client, any electrical problem seems serious and disconcerting, but most aren’t….. Most.

Occasionally, we run into problems during what would seem to be a fairly standard service call.

Suddenly you find yourself exposing all manner of problems, be it improperly installed (or un-permitted) work, dangerous (or damaged) wiring, etc.

So, as the client, suddenly your faced with bad news 🙁 Of course, we don’t like delivering bad news, just like you don’t like getting bad news. But, sometimes, it’s bad news. So, now what?

Safety should always be the number one priority. Whether it’s your residence, a rental, or your business, you’ll need information so you can make a good decision.

As a general rule, most service calls (including our property management companies) have a $ 200.00 cap limit (some have $300.00). This usually gives us plenty of room to gather enough info (pictures, etc). We can then usually present options, and a reasonable estimate of what corrective course(s) would be advised.

Rest assured, if any “red flags” should arise, we will communicate quickly with you as to our findings. If the situation requires more work and expense, we’ll wait until an estimate is given, and approved, before we continue.

What safety protocols are followed at Brasier Electric?
  • We value safety!
  • Brasier Electric is insured.
  • Brasier Electric is licensed for electrical work.
  • Due to the nature of our work, children and pets must be kept away from the work area.
What is a service call?

A service call is troubleshooting something in the residence (or place of business) that is inoperable.

Brasier Electric usually reserves several appointment slots every week dedicated to service calls. These are filled on an “as scheduled” basis. Please call (719) 491-3826 to set up an appointment.

Examples of service calls

  • Outlet(s) or light(s) not working (or not functioning normally).
  • Minor troubleshooting.
  • Broken/ defective component replacements like: switches, receptacles, circuit breakers, etc.
What is an installation?

An installation is an appointment previously set up with an approved estimate. Installations involve Changing out an entire panel, remodel, changing out lights, tuning up one room with a light fixture, or new outlets. Previous appointment and scheduling required.